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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese technique for de-stressing , relaxing that helps promote the body's ability to heal itself naturally.  Reiki is a word made of two Japanese words - "Rei" meaning "Universal" or "Higher Power" and "Ki" meaning "Life Force Energy".  A light-touch energy modality, an in-person Reiki session can be done either hands off, working through only the body's electromagnetic field, or hands on working utilizing both energy and touch to help share energy.  If the Reiki recipient is unable to attend in-person for a session, Reiki may also be shared distantly provided that the Reiki Practitioner sharing has at least received their Reiki Level II attunement.

Reiki is a technique that may help alleviate chronic and acute conditions in a gentle, yet powerful way by clearing away energy blockages and energetically returning balance to the body and mind.  Reiki may help alleviate conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain from muscle tension, fibromyalgia, symptoms from cancer treatments, migraine headaches, and the list goes on.  

Reiki is not a form of Massage Therapy or a tool for diagnosing illness and is not a curative treatment.  You should always consult your physician before making any changes to your health care practices.  A Reiki session is done fully clothed, and unless you are receiving Reiki as part of a Massage Therapy session, the only thing you should be asked to remove is your shoes to prevent damage to the table and coverings. 

What is an in-person Reiki session with Jacqueline LIke?

A session with Jacqueline will usually start with a brief conversation, where your goals for the session are discussed, and your energy field is accessed by Jacqueline before proceeding to the treatment room.  Reiki can be done hands on, where Jacqueline gently places her hands on your body, or hands off, where she holds her hands above your body working in your electromagnetic field as per your comfort level.  For certain areas of the body, such as the groin where your base Chakra is, will always be done hands off even if you choose hands on for the rest of the session.  Reiki is traditionally done with the recipient usually laying face up on a Massage/Reiki table, though a chair may be provided and used if laying down is problematic for the Reiki recipient.

During the session Jacqueline may remain silent throughout the session, speak to you throughout by leading you on a guided meditation to help you relax and unblock your energy, or just occasionally speak bringing your attention to certain areas and possible blockages in your energy as she is guided to do by her intuition and Reiki Guides.  Every Reiki session is different and no two are ever the same even for the same person.  Results can be subtle and take up to a few days to fully take effect or can be immediately felt, all depending on how open you are to receiving the Reiki energy.  Some sessions can lead to very strong emotions being released, this is normal and part of the healing process, even if a bit unnerving for the Reiki recipient, but it is perfectly normal and Jacqueline is prepared and happy to continue to share Reiki with you as you heal through the emotional and energetic release.

In closing Jacqueline may energetically "sweep" your body of any lower energies released during the session, and ground your energy.  Usually following the grounding process, though sometimes beforehand, Jacqueline will share any insights and/or messages from her Reiki Guides, and answer any questions you may have after.