Where you can find meditative solutions to the challenges faced on life's journey.

Meditative Journeys LLC

All prices listed below are for in office visits with the tax included in the amount listed.


Incorporating all of Jacqueline's knowledge of Massage and your needs as a client to give you the most beneficial Massage for you. 

                                                                                                Regular Rates           Introductory Rates

                                                                                                                             (First Time Clients Only)

60 Minute Session                                                                            $85                                         $70

90 Minute Session                                                                            $119                                        $105

120 Minute Session                                                                          $159                                       $140

Please Note:  Massage sessions may extend by 15 minutes (up to 30 min for first time sessions to allow for paperwork and assessment), to ensure all areas are worked, any additional stretching is done, and self-care discussed, please plan accordingly.


Using either a hands on or hands off technique to share Reiki with you to help clear any energy blocks you may have in, to help aid you connect to, and become more aware of your energy.

60 Minute Session In Office                                                                    $85

30 Minute Distance Session With Phone Consultation                 $50

Please Note:  Clothing will remain on during a Reiki session, only shoes need be removed.  Also a full In Office session is recommended if it is your first time ever receiving Reiki.


Guided Meditation, either solo or for groups, written and designed on an individual basis for your needs.   Examples of topics for focus include: General Relaxation, Meeting Your Guides, Chakra Clearing, and etc.  Guided Meditation sessions are approximately 1 hour, including discussion beforehand, the Meditation itself, and any discussion afterwards.  The Meditation itself runs approximately 30 minutes in length. 

1-2 People                                                                                           $70

3-5 People                                                                                          $80


Meditative Journeys is proud to be partnering with LoThEMaR Opals to offer our clients in home parties which allow for the energy of their stones and jewelry to be combined with our in home services.  We have chosen them because of the quality and more importantly the energy of their work wonderfully aids and complements any healing work we do, especially for Reiki and Meditation.  To contact us about a joint party please click here.

For Chair Massage, Reiki, Meditation, or combination parties with Meditative Journeys LLC only please call us for more information and pricing. 

All parties are individually priced based on varying requirements, such as services chosen, distance traveled, duration of party, quantity of guests, and etc.  LoThEMaR does not charge a fee for joint parties, and their prices are based solely on items purchased through them.