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Massage Therapy is a centuries old practice where in the soft tissues of the body, muscles, tendons, and etc. are manually manipulated by a Massage Therapist to reduce tension, stress, discomfort, and pain within the body.  There are many types of Massage Therapy, such as: Swedish Massage (sometimes known as Relaxing Massage), Myofascial Release (sometimes known as Deep Tissue), Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Shiatzu, and many more.  All of which have their own benefits and optimal uses as treatment. 

At Meditative Journeys, different techniques of Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, and Neuromuscular Therapy are integrated into each session as befitting each client's needs in that session.  Jacqueline understands that as each person is unique, so is each session, based upon what is happening in a client's life.  Sometimes a client just needs to relax, and others that same client may require a more clinical approach, such as Myofacial Release or NMT to relieve discomfort.  While Jacqueline is fully trained in Relaxing Massage techniques, she usually works more with clients who are in need of relief from discomfort, such as people with severe muscle tension, muscle pain due to spasms, repetitive motion injuries, migraine headache sufferers, and etc.

There are many documented health benefits to Massage Therapy including but not limited to:

  • stress reduction
  • decreasing in muscle stiffness
  • decreasing in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain
  • reducing of severity and quantity of certain types of headaches
  • increasing relaxation
  • increasing range of motion (where the decrease is caused by tight muscles)
  • improving posture
  • reducing muscle spasms
  • improving body awareness
  • reducing physical and mental tension

Massage Therapy